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Me, Alex, 19 years old from Germany:


In gaming, communication is important. Therefore I offer a TeamSpeak server at aventum.xyz 24/7. Click the button to connect.


Also, playing games, you will soon notice a lack of needed skill for most games. Boring games make up for great cheating adventures, with cheats I offer.

Need help?

Your CS:GO gameserver doesnt boot up? Your TeamSpeak server has more admins you would like? You need a 24/7 E-Mail with your own domain? Hit the button!

What do others think about my services?

Customers give great feedback wether your idea works, or not. Wether your servers run good, or not. Check a few thoughts below!


Bought AVENTUM.cc CS:GO Cheat

"Great cheat, no complains. Hitting p ;P"



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"How the hell did you fix the plugin that fast?"

Supremacy by Interwebz

Supremacy by Interwebz

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"go f*ck yourself"

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Available 24/7 by mail, phone as seen below.

Sweet place in Hamburg

Meetings can be discussed by mail. Local Area in Hamburg only.

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